I was born 1986; 5'3'' tall; Asian; spiritual but not religious. 

BFA in Economics; MFA in Photography and MS in Art History; now I make ceramics and sing karaoke.

I am a human; (dating app option: not afraid to try new things- so true!)

I like curious human. At this moment of writing, I think I thought through how I deal with fear but I haven't figure out how to live with desire/love.. how to combine or separate personal interests + believes with individual act.. I also found art is be able to infiltrate through everything in everyday but art itself is not all  (dating app option:going on spontaneous road trips with friends; running outside in the rain with no umbrella...ha?)

I appreciate when my date/whoever looking at my info right now is someone easy going and open minded. (dating app option: remember little things about me like my first pet's name (my only pet was a turtle named Xiao Tian, he died in my 2nd year in college. I froze him for the following 4 years in my fridge, then I forgot about him); gets along well with my friends; likes to go clubbing as much as staying in and reading...hmm...)

You might think, damned! this asian girl does not look like the image at all plus why I need to care her first pet's name! 

Well, You know what do I mean by making a statement.